Start Your Texas Adventure:

Start Your Texas Adventure:
Top RV Parks in Texas | The Boston Group

RV travel feels a lot like freedom. You have the open road in front of you and landscape on every side. You can potentially go anywhere in the continental U.S. Generally, RV travel is less expensive than traditional travel. You don’t have to pay for an expensive flight or hotel. You are in complete control of your destination. So, why should you look into RV parks in Texas for your next trip?

Travelers come to Texas from near and far. The tourism industry in Texas is always bustling. Some RVers even come from the Lone Star State itself. There is a lot to see, even for those who were born and raised in Texas. The following insights will help push you in the right direction for your next trip.

Make a Choice: Why Is Texas a Top Destination?               

Did you know that Texas is the fourth most visited state in the entire U.S.? The Lone Star State is home to the Alamo Mission, Big Bend National Park, Space Center Houston and so much more. With a state bigger than the entire UK, Texas has the charm of multiple countries in one. Enjoy the top three reasons to choose Texas.

You’ll Never Run Out of Places To Visit 

Texas has diverse landscapes, climates and cities. You won’t run out of things to see between the forests, the swamps and the beaches. Additionally, each city has its own charm, nightlife and attractions. There are 268,597 square miles to explore.

The top metropolitan centers include:

  • San Antonio
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Amarillo

There are countless possibilities in every city. For those who love the great outdoors, there are mountains, deserts, national parks and rivers to visit.

You’ll Experience a Rich Culture 

Texas is a unique state with diverse culture. You might find that it lives up to its bigger and better reputation. Throughout the state, you’re bound to meet a variety of people from many different backgrounds. Each city has its own rich history and culture behind it. While you’ll find your share of cowboys or western music, you’ll also find diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

You’ll Taste Delicious Cuisine 

One of the most famous things about Texas is its food. If you love BBQ, Texas is one of the best places in the U.S. for authentic, smoked brisket. Every Texas city offers different types of cuisine. Not only can you find authentic Mexican cuisine, but Texas is also home to Tex-Mex, a blend of Mexican and American cuisine. You can also try delicious Native American food.  In Texas, there is food for most people’s tastebuds.

Choose Your Path: What Are the Hot RV Parks in Texas? 

Your choice of RV park will depend on the locations that you want to see. Many RV parks are within driving distance of major cities, national parks or other attractions. When choosing one, there are several considerations. First, how close do you want to be to major cities? Second, what amenities are must-haves at the park? Third, how long do you want to stay? Once you answer those questions, it will be easier to sort through the different RV parks.

If you want to travel through Texas, you may want to stay at several parks throughout the course of your trip. To help narrow down your choices, here are some of the best RV parks in Texas.

Southern Oaks RV Park 

Southern Oaks RV Park is located near the Gulf of Mexico in Aransas Pass. This 270-acre RV resort has various amenities and activities and is a short distance from some prime locations.

Aransas Pass and the surrounding areas are booming with coastal life. If you’re interested in seeing Corpus Christi, it is only 20 miles away. Some local attractions you might enjoy include:

  • Texas Maritime Museum
  • Art Museum of South Texas
  • Rockport Harbor Aquarium
  • Goose Island State Park
  • USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier Museum
  • South Texas Botanical Gardens

The resort itself has plenty for you to do. You can find live entertainment, a game room for the whole family, fishing ponds, walking trails and a heated pool for the ultimate luxury experience. The community building includes:

  • A bar and billiards area
  • A bathroom with showers
  • A kitchen
  • A library
  • A laundry facility

There is enough room that you can host pool parties, potlucks and other gatherings with family and friends.

Austin RV Park 

Austin RV Park has 28 large RV spaces and full hook-ups. With paved roads throughout the park and low prices, you’re able to relax in a country setting before you brave the city. At the park, you can access laundry facilities and WiFi. The park allows you to stay for as long or as short as you like.

Austin is one of the most bustling cities in Texas. Austin RV park prides itself on being close to the city but an oasis away from the hustle of Austin and Georgetown.

Quickly drive to a variety of different food chains, specialty foods and local restaurants. The outlet mall in Austin is one of the largest malls in Texas. You can dine at all of your favorite retailers and food chains, including In N Out. In the Spring and Summer, there’s sure to be a live band playing every night of the week.

If you’re more interested in nature, make your way to hiking and biking trails in close proximity to the park. Lake Georgetown also provides you with fishing and swimming opportunities.

Island RV Resort 

Other amenities include:

Island RV Resort welcomes you to enjoy an exceptional Gulf of Mexico getaway on Mustang Island in Port Aransas, Texas! The small island community encourages short-term and long-term guests to visit.

  • An outdoor saltwater pool and spa
  • 24/7 management onsite 
  • Complimentary WIFI and cable 

Port Aransas is a work port located on the northern tip of Mustang Island. If you or your little ones love marine life, there are plenty of marine education opportunities and pristine beaches to explore. Take part in fishing, boating and birdwatching.

If you’re interested in the thriving nightlife, you are also within proximity to Corpus Christi. There, you can indulge in dining, golf and horseback riding.

Rio Bonito RV Resort

Rio Bonito RV resort is located in Liberty Hill, Texas, close to Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Leander and Cedar Park. Rio Bonito can easily host family gatherings, reunions and birthday celebrations.

The recreation center is decorated with rustic and vintage decor. The recreation center has an attached deck so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the outdoors. The resort also has two resort-style swimming pools, a bathhouse, laundry facility, BBQ area, and even offers cabins for non-RV guests to enjoy!

The surrounding area is also full of activities to indulge in. Some popular locations include:

  • Hawaiian Falls Waterpark
  • Austin Steam Train
  • Lake Georgetown
  • Lake Georgetown Hiking Trail
  • Inner Space Cavern

For some much-needed time under the sun, head to Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge or plan a whitewater rafting trip.

Northlake Village RV Park 

Northlake Village is a quiet RV park, only 15 minutes to Fort Worth and 40 minutes to Dallas. The park includes large sites and full hook-ups. The RV park allows guests who plan to stay overnight, for the long-term and any length of time in between. With on-site management and security lighting, the park feels secure.

Other amenities include:

  • Free WiFi
  • Bathhouse
  • Laundry facility
  • Dog park
  • Concrete patios
  • Swimming pool

The close range to Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth is perfect for all kinds of vacationers. If you’re a sport’s fan, the resort is only a few minutes from the Texas Motor Speedway, which hosts all types of American racing.

Other sports fans may enjoy the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, Lone Star Park for the horse races or the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas.

Other popular locations include Six Flags Over Texas, DFW Adventure Park, the Fort worth Zoo and the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Time To Prepare: What RV Traveling Mistakes Should You Avoid? 

Even seasoned travelers run into trouble on the road. The day that you leave will probably be the most stressful or even the couple of days leading up to the trip as you try not to leave anything important behind. While some mistakes are more difficult to avoid than others, there are two major errors people often make, and they involve planning and packing.

Here is what you need to avoid before you venture off on vacation.

Planning Mistakes 

When preparing for your RV trip, plan your route. Imagine the frustration of getting lost in an unfamiliar place, cutting into precious travel time. Studying the map before you leave isn’t enough. Your route should be easy for you to access at every opportunity.

Consider using Google Maps to plan your route. Not only can it give you the best path to your destination, but it can provide alternatives if traffic or some other factor is causing delays. With turn-by-turn instructions, it’s difficult to get lost when you’re on the road. Likewise, Google Maps allows you to identify important locations on the map, such as restaurants, parks, shopping centers, and hospitals.

In addition to knowing your route, keep your vehicle’s limitations in mind. For example, low-clearance bridges can be an obstacle for large RVs. Ensure that your RV’s width and height will not become a problem on any routes you choose.

When it comes to planning, it can also be a double-edged sword. While a solid plan is important, you don’t want to be so rigid that you forget to have fun. In an RV, you have absolute freedom. You can always deviate from your plan. If you have your route mapped out, you should be able to pick it back up after your excursion.

Make the most out of your RV trip. Budget so that you can be spontaneous. If you see beautiful scenery, stop and take pictures.

Packing Mistakes

Packing might be one of the most stressful parts of preparing for a trip. By the time that you reach the packing stage, you probably want to be able to get behind the wheel and head to your location. First, you need to make sure that you’re ready for your destination.

Texas has three types of climates. The climates include:

  • Continental steppe
  • Modified marine
  • Mountain

The continental steppe experiences an extreme range of temperature with low humidity and little rainfall. The modified marine climate, however, is considered subtropical. It has humid areas, sub-humid areas, arid and semi-arid areas. Mountain climate is much cooler and has more irregular precipitation.

When you’re traveling through Texas, make sure that you pack appropriate gear for the weather. Check the forecast before you leave and scan it often for any changes. Packing too much could bog down your trip,  but if you don’t pack enough, you’ll be unprepared. Some items to remember include:

  • Leveling blocks
  • Folding chairs
  • Fans
  • Heated blankets
  • Outdoor gear
  • WiFI signal booster

Create a checklist before you leave and be sure not to forget anything. If you do happen to leave anything behind, check your map or phone for any retailers along the way.

Pack Your Bags: RV Parks in Texas Await Your Arrival

Whether you’re a traveler or a Texas native, you never have to cross state lines to find an adventure waiting for you. As the second-largest state, Texas has everything: sprawling cities, natural wonders, pristine beaches, various museums and delicious cuisine to fit everyone’s tastes.

When you travel by RV, you have the freedom to go anywhere. Not only can you enjoy the scenic view on the way, but you never have to worry about high hotel costs. Instead, you have your choice of RV parks in Texas while enjoying your comfortable RV. Enjoy the many amenities and activities close to key locations by contacting the Boston Group for more information about the various RV parks.


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