Small spaces can make the biggest impacts, which is exactly why you should decorate your RV for the holidays! Just a handful of decorations can go a long way and (bonus) it gives you a change of scenery within your own home!

There’s no need to splurge on lavish ornaments to have your space looking like a Hallmark dream. Fall and winter decor can be purchased at dollar stores, small local shops, and even be found in nature (like leaves, sticks, or flowers). These items are perfect for travelers on the go during the holiday season.

We’ve put together a list of easy and wallet-friendly options so you can celebrate the spooky season in style!

Halloween Decorating on a budget

Get Crafty!

Look around your site and see the possibilities! Ordinary items such as leaves, twigs, moss, and leaves could be the perfect addition for your RV’s decorations. They give it an extra touch of authenticity that plastic decor seems to lack, plus it’s free!

Paper Perfection!

Grab some scissors and colored paper to create effortlessly affordable decorations! The possibilities with paper crafting are limitless, especially with stencils and tutorials available online. Creating garland and door wreaths just got easier! Check out YouTube for inspiration such as “20 Fall Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Ideas”.

Carve a Pumpkin … or a Pineapple!

Last, but certainly not least is a spooky season tradition: pumpkins! Not a fan of the ooey¬≠gooey Innards that come from carving? Change it up by painting or decorating the outside of one or even substituting it for a pineapple! It’s not only easier and requires less clean-up but can also add a creative flair to this holiday tradition!

However you decide to spend this upcoming holiday, we hope you’ll enjoy decorating your site to the fullest with these budget-friendly options and endless poss1bilit1es, your site will be the most festive space at the resort.

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