Tropic Island Resort is working to ensure that our magnificent RV parks, hotels, cottages, bungalows, and campgrounds are accessible to all visitors. We believe that spending time in nature provides various benefits including lowering blood pressure and stress and boosting immune system function.

Many people living with disabilities face significant barriers to getting into the great outdoors. At Tropic Island Resort, time and attention have been spent on camping areas, cabins, fishing and boating docks, trails, and other outdoor recreation amenities to make it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy their stay with us.

​We are making every effort to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). We are implementing the ADA’s recommendations for access to our property for individuals with disabilities.


At Tropic Island resort you will find regular handicapped parking spots and RV spots that are accessible and ADA compliant. Each space measures a minimum of 96 inches wide with marking to define the width. The maximum slope grade is 1:48 in all directions, and the surface is smooth.

There are accessible aisles from the parking spot to the main building. These aisles are 36 inches wide and are designated by an ADA-compliant sign with the international symbol of accessibility. They are mounted 60 inches minimum from the ground to the bottom of the sign.

Our staff is being trained to be aware of the varying needs of a diverse public. Recognizing the non-uniformity of disabilities, our staff members are prepared to assist when and wherever possible.

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