5 Benefits of Full Service RV Parks
Benefits of Full Service RV Parks Near Me | The Boston Group

One of the amazing perks of RVing is the flexibility. You can change your lifestyle in a heartbeat. It’s easy to spend the winter snowbirding in Texas luxury resorts and then go boondocking in New Mexico for the summer. While dry camping is a great way to save money, most RVers are more interested in full hookups. This can require searching for full service RV parks near me.

1. Convenience

Some people enjoy roughing it, but most people buy RVs to ensure a smooth camping experience. Access to sewer, a constant supply of water and shore power makes it easy to enjoy the amenities of being at home while still seeing the world. That means no bothering with portable waste tanks to empty the black or gray water without moving the rig. You also won’t need to go outside every few hours to move the solar panels so they follow the sun.

2. High-Wattage Power

Limited AC power access means a limit to what you can run off it. Many appliances require higher wattages to turn on. Even with big off-grid inverters, battery power can severely limit the length of time certain tools can run for, such as air fryers and blow dryers. When you have full hookups, however, you can run whatever you want, whenever you want.

3. Sanitation

A common sacrifice made by those roughing it in campers is to reduce hygiene standards. This might mean showering less often to conserve water, only flushing the toilet after a number two and not washing hands as often. While these may be possible practices for short-term trips and solo travelers, almost anyone wants full hookups after some time of doing this. With full hookups, you can shower, brush your teeth and flush the toilets as often as you like.

4. Long-Term Stays

If you are a snowbird looking to escape the northern cold, traveling all across the South might not be part of your plans. Instead you may be looking for a nice RV park to settle down at and relax for at least a month at a time. Not all RV parks allow monthly stays. However, RV parks with full hookups tend to be more accommodating of long-term RVers because they have the necessary infrastructure in place to support them.

5. Safety at Full Service Parks Near Me

Dry camping in the wilderness can be free, but it comes with risks. Paid RV parks, such as those that provide full hookups, tend to have security on site. Even when they do not, these locations are less isolated. As the saying goes, there is safety in numbers. You can worry less about leaving your rig to go hiking an hour away when you’re at an RV park versus boondocking in the middle of nowhere.

We are proud to manage many of the campgrounds that may appear in your full service RV parks near me search today. Check out our full portfolio to see all the other amenities we bring to the table.


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